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Nemo's educational movies leverage multimodal learning to increase knowledge retention in K-12 music students.

How it works

Watch a movie

Experience the power of mnemonic learning.

Absorb more information with high-yield, compact video lessons that leverage entertaining visual stories.

Watch a video

Take a quiz

Lock in your knowledge by taking interactive quizzes.

Quizzes can be self-taken or instructor administered.


Remember forever

Experience lasting learning. 

By engaging multiple senses and reinforcing learning through assessments, we create a foundation for lifelong retention and academic success.

Doing Homework
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For Grades 5-12

Our platform serves general music classes and supplements choir, band, and orchestra programs. With engaging movies and interactive resources, we empower students to excel in their musical journey, fostering a love for music across diverse disciplines.

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Standards Alligned

Nemo delivers standards-aligned education for students, providing a comprehensive learning experience that meets academic benchmarks. With engaging movies and interactive assessments, we empower students to excel and achieve academic success.

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Nemo offers personalized and interactive content. With engaging movies, quizzes, and adaptive features, students take ownership of their learning, progressing at their own pace and actively participating in the process.

From Teachers

Why students like Nemo

"Using Nemo has resulted in remarkable academic growth for my students."

"The combination of visually engaging videos and thoughtfully designed assessments has boosted their comprehension, retention, and overall academic achievement."

Sam Whol
Middle School General Music


Ready to set sail?

Better learning is on the horizon
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