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We're all about mnemonic education

Our Mission

Nemo Ed empowers K-12 students by utilizing science-backed mnemonic learning methods. We believe our learning method is an inclusive approach that taps into various learning styles, including visual and auditory modalities.


Through our engaging and novel short videos, we deliver content that captivates students' attention and facilitates effective knowledge retention. We accompany our videos with thoughtfully designed tests that reinforce learning and drive improved student outcomes.


By harnessing the power of mnemonic learning and delivering content in an engaging and accessible manner, we aim to revolutionize the educational experience for K-12 students, making learning enjoyable, effective, and impactful.

Our Purpose

At Nemo Ed, our purpose is to transform education through inclusive, engaging learning experiences. By tapping into diverse learning styles, we empower students to improve outcomes and cultivate a lifelong love for learning. Together, we're building a brighter future for education.

Meet the crew

Our team brings tremendous experience, visionary thinking, and a shared commitment to excellence, creativity, and innovation to all educational products developed at Nemo.



Brock Drevlow

Brock Drevlow (B.M., University of Minnesota, Twin Cities) is the Founder of Nemo. Brock champions music education and re-imagining the student studying experience. Today, Brock oversees all facets of Nemo's global output, including creative, production, marketing, operations, and business affairs. With an extensive background in music, marketing, and technology, Brock has held key marketing roles at leading-edge, innovative technology companies, including LocaLoop, Inc. and Starkey Hearing Technologies. Brock is passionate about cello and bass, teaches music privately, and works hard alongside his flute-performing wife, Faith, and their pet Bernedoodle, Isla. Brock is currently completing an MBA at Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School.


Lead Illustrator

Sheyenne Johnson

Sheyenne Johnson is the accomplished Lead Illustrator behind Nemo's captivating artwork. Sheyenne injects the Nemo platform with an exciting and vibrant visual experience. With an impressive background from the prestigious Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Sheyenne's exceptional talent shines through in her incorporation of bold colors, playful designs, and sincere dialogue. Sheyenne's work elevates Nemo, connecting with viewers in a powerful and engaging way, and contributing to the overall success of the platform.


Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Jonas Westover

Dr. Jonas Westover (Ph.D., City University of New York 2010) is the Subject Matter Expert for all things music at Nemo. Jonas has written over 400 entries for the Grove Dictionary of American Music and is the author of The Shuberts and their Passing Shows: The Untold Tale of Ziegfeld’s Rivals (Oxford University Press, 2016). Prior to Joining Nemo, Jonas taught at numerous New York and Minnesota colleges and universities. Currently, Jonas teaches Music History at Hamline University in Saint Paul, MN. Jonas is a lifelong fan of Marvel Comics (the X-Men, to be specific), enjoys longer-than-expected hikes, Vermont, and the company of cats.


Lead Software Developer

Karlan Eberhardt

Karlan Eberhardt has had a varied career in software development, with experience in hardware, web design, and complex system integration, after obtaining a B.A. in Computer Science from Williams College. In his free time, he enjoys camping, all things DIY, playing guitar, and singing (preferably around a campfire).


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